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Avatar Picture: My original ladybugs pic is no more since I have a life outside the Upper Midwest, however, this beauty of a 100 Oz silver bar was with me when I lived there and is in my vault today, as is the other bar you see. It's a mere fraction of my stacking since 2003. Au/Ag are economic kryptonite to banksters. GATA is vindicated, and so will the stackers in due course.

The first Global Douche of most humankind was done by God during the days of Noah. The Bible says the rainbow is God's promise not to flood the Earth again. We are desperately in need of a specifically targeted Global Douche to rid the globe of these pathetic leeches called banksters. In preparation of such an event, obtain and collect physical PMs under your absolute and direct control. Eschew all paper silver and paper gold. Prepare for the world as we know it to change incredibly because politicians possess no spleen to make the necessary and correct decisions today, and we already KNOW who paid them off. There will be significant quantum-leap change to occur, so prepare accordingly. Those with the metals will make the rules, so keep stacking and don't be a sheeple!


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