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I have spent the last couple of decades working within the belly of the beast that is mainstream television news. Many of those years working for a mainstream financial media company that you may love to loath (See, I am a pro as I used alliteration).

Sorry about that.

That said, I learned quite a bit about the details regarding exactly how these organizations suck.

Some clues:
- They are media companies, not news organizations.
- They hire writers who can conform AP and Reuters copy to the media company's style guide.
- The vast majority of writers do not need to have and do not have any expertise regarding the subjects they write about.
- There are very few if any reporters and they receive no resources and rarely keep their jobs. (No, I was not a reporter)
- If the NYT hasn't already released the story the lawyers explained that "we" should not release the story.
- The executive and management level has no interest in or knowledge of the information they use to feed their media products.

What could go wrong?

Nothing new I understand, just a confirmation from the inside of what you should already know.

I've concluded that one should forget about reform and instead work to marginalize and replace.

To that end, I like gold, silver, the block chain, the internet, family, gardening, and encryption.

Thanks in advance for beating the crap out of me.


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