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If I seem harsh on Christians, it is not that I don't care for them as people, but that it pains me to see them in the psychological and emotional prisons of their own making, with their mindless adherence of the socialist Beatitudes of a hippie teacher (rabbi), which benefit the rich and powerful, and which go against Natural law. For objective and non-brainwashed people, there is evidence to suggest that he either didn't exist, or was morphed and  promoted in status many decades later (see Caesar's Messiah on YT), as well as the collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Anyway...

I wish that European Caucasians would shed the yoke of all monotheistic, ME religions of hierarchical/pyramidal tyranny. For there are none so enslaved than those who think they are free. For verily I tell you... "The first and last prison is always within our heads." Until you are free there, your striving for or belief in external freedoms are of little meaning.

Also, in terms of personal and organizational development, all improvements, growth and "error trapping" needs to happen within. This cannot happen, if one is preoccupied with blaming everything and everyone else.

PS. Can't stand these people:  Violent criminals, Self-righteous Assholes, Hypocrites, and Parasites. Also... Willful victims due to own fear and laziness.

ps. Did I mention that I hate stupid people? 


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