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Independent Futurist Canadian Consultant:

I am simply a verified and accredited problem solver who has determined that the Laws of Natural Selection outweigh the whims and fancies of mortal men who falsely proclaim to have consulted with their own self created Gods.

Offering unique outside the digital tetrahedron perspectives on a wide range of topics from a viewing perspective located North of 49.

I don't believe in partisanship, it is an evil tool of mechanism and division. 

I do believe in Patriotism as it is founded in Unity.

I don't believe in credit.

I do believe in BULLION .

*ALL Derivatives are the Devil's Handiwork ! 

I don't believe in crypto or petro-fiats either, nor do I have any faith in anyone dumb enough to pay insane amounts of real hard legal tender currency for what amounts to nothing more than a static line of code stored on an unsecured glorified overvalued debit card minus the fancy plastic carrier...

* A letter of incorporation = make laws,license to steal,kill,rape,pillage with complete freedom from libel, slander ,taxes,culpability or any liability.


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