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USNA Grad. 2nd Gen Navy Veteran. Enlisted and Officer. Ex-Merrill FinAdvisor. Fin Systems / BI Analyst and Tech Exec. "I'm just an Old-fashioned, Traditional, Family-Friendly, Independent Conservative who happens to be a confident Heterosexual as well." or, simply, 


Since we have been inundated by Trolls -especially those who seem to try to blame the Jewish on almost every Societal and Political Conflict,  I am reposting a brief summary of my experience and views from my situations that directly and/or indirectly involved the participation or endorsement by Jewish Societal and Personal Entities.


I would like to be Objective and Truthseeking on All Things; and would like to see the dialogue and corresponding facts.

I also believe that Good Fences make for Good Neighbors.

To be Brief, I found that there are several Factions - Talmudic, Masonic, Haredi, Chabad, Gulf-Mitzrahi, Druze, Catholic, Christian, Armenian, Pseudo-Christian, and other Ideological Entities - within and about International Jewry whom, along with Non-Affiliated Sociopaths, tend to intrude upon and buttocks-up Secular Rule of Law and Civil Liberties.  

During my Religious Studies of Judaism, I've never seen so many Outsider Cult Monkeys (some endorsed by insiders) who stalk and harass people during Services and School Sessions.  While I've seen a Conservative/Masorti/Masonic Rabbi entertain them and stir up "Anti-Semitism" allegations against the Country of my Origin (few USA Jewish working there, negligible presence) the Modern Orthodox were of the few who saw right through the BS and threw them out mid-service. 

Since I have several Trustworthy Friends and an ex-(and only One to date)Fiance who happened to be Jewish(Long Story, Looking after Aging / Dying Parents while being stalked by Cult Parasites who made money from copying and stealing off of my Career and Research.  Cult Scammer Tactics of recent have been heavy handed).  I don't think I qualify as an "Anti-Semite" even though I have been accused as such and even regarded poorly by Jewish subordinates and Employers (i.e., Built in Nurture).

I'm more of an "Anti-Racketeer" if anything.

I'm not thrilled with the History I am reading into; but Life goes on.  Since Christianity was recently confirmed as a Roman Revision of the Chrestus Cult in the 4th CE, the Whole Set of Abrahamic Religions may have to be scrutinized.  Dark Ages, Dogma, Crusades, and Domineering Oppression seem to be alive in the minds of many. 

It may be prudent to consider all Ethnic and Religious Jewish to be considered as Israeli Citizens; and I would only recommend Judaic Conversions only to those who have Jewish Ancestors - one doesn't have to Convert if one married in since the Convert will be marginalized.

In the future, I may deal primarily with the Modern Orthodox and others who may be like minded.



USA/Khazarian Khaganate's UKR Coup and Proxy War against LNR, DNR, and RUS



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