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Career Highlights:

- Self-apointed King of Peasemoldia

* GeoRef: Hoxton, North London 51°32′02″N, 0°05′06″W (just off the Balls Pond Road)

* Note: subsequently abdicated to assume the role of Dictator


- World's dirtiest old man

* First hand character references (second hands by appointment only)

* Lallies the envy of all and sundry

* Able and willing to make a fist of any situtation

* Scrubbers attended to with vim and vigour


Educational Achievements:

* Master of J. Arthur Rank - John Thomas University (Tadger Campus)

* Graduate Degree - Adv. Wrist Studies (One Off)- Magna Cum - Heady Johnston University Quotable



- "Hello cheeky-face!"

- "I demand to be serviced!"


Marital Status: Married (current) - Mrs. Buttercup Gruntfuttock (nee Marsden)



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* (That's your actual Latin)


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