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Jack4952 and John-Henry Hill are a pen-names used by me. I am a retired physician-surgeon having earned his doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree and served a 5-year residency in a surgical sub-specialty, then centered my career around clinical-medical research, including for various U.S. government agencies. For 20 years prior to my retirement, I also worked as a software programmer in medical research and diagnostic device algorithms. Earlier in life I earned a Ph.D. in American history, with a specialization in America political-legal history from the colonial period through the American Civil War. In the early-1990's four physician colleagues and one lawyer (also programmers) and I started our own private database programming and networking company (PDRC): our intended client base was major medical centers, then later smaller hospitals. Why? We already had "connections" within those medical centers; we knew that they would soon all be seeking to "computerize" their data; as physicians, we already knew what these medical centers would need in terms of data collection and output; and, from our many years of programming, we had accumulated tens of thousands of code modules, from which we could build a client a customized database primarily by "cutting & pasting" these modules - thus greatly reducing our projects' work timelines and offering our clients prices that no competitors could match. (We did keep our regular jobs for a short period of time, just in case...) But we knew this business was about to "explode" - and our timing was right. Most importantly, we all agreed that, for the first time in our lives, our work became "FUN". The lessons I learned: do what is "fun" for you; start a business in a field that you already know well; and "take a risk".

In 2009 I permanently abandoned the U.S. "police state" as home and have lived with my wife in Europe (Ukraine, Crimea, Scotland and Switzerland) for a number of years since my early retirement. We have no intention of returning to America… ever! I am a member of no political party - neither the Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or whatever.

My essays on LAW and POLITICS can be found at:

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