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i crossed the dardanelles in 334 b.C. with an army of about 40,000 men, of which an eigth part was cavalry. i forced the passage of the granicus, which was defended by an army under Memnon, a greek, who commanded on the coasts of asia for darius, and then spent the whole of the year 333 in establishing my power in asia minor. i was supported by sardis, ephesus, tarsus, miletus, and other greek colonies on the shores of the black sea and mediterranean. my conquest of the persian empire was made easier because it was not one nation but a confederation of states in which the provinces and cities governed themselves by their own peculiar laws. i, who wanted only the persian throne, easily appropriated the rights of sovereignty to myself, because i respected the usages, manners, and laws of the people, who suffered no change of condition.
in the year 332 i encountered darius, at the head of 600,000 men, occupying a position at issus, near tarsus. i defeated him, entered syria, and took damascus, where the great king's treasures were deposited. then i laid seige to tyre, but that proud metropolis of world trade held out against me for nine months.
i took gaza, after a two month seige, crossed the desert in seven days, entered pelusium and memphis, and founded alexandria. i met with no obstacle, because syria and egypt were always linked by common interest with the greeks; because the arab nations, for religious reasons, hated the persians; and finally because greek troops of the satraps joined the macedonians. in less than two years, after two battles and four or five sieges, i conquered the coasts of the black sea, from the phasis to byzantium, and of the mediterranean as far as alexandria, as well as asia minor, syria and egypt.
in 331 i retraced my steps across the desert, encamped at tyre, passed through syria, entered damascus, crossed the euphrates and the tigris, and on the plains of arbela defeated darius, who was advancing against me at the head of an army more numerous than that of issus. babylon opened its gates to me. in 330 i forced the pass of susa and took that town, persepolis, and pasargadae, where the tomb of cyrus was. in 329 i turned northward, entered ecbatana, and extended my conquest to the caspian sea; punished bessus, the vile assassin of darius; and penetrated into scythia and defeated the scythians...etc.
which brings me to the present day, wherein i've been hanging around ZH.


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