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Hello ZH,

+12 years in physical Silver & Gold Bullion markets. Facts + some of My Opinions are here...

A lot of my past content has been aggregated here by the ZH website over the years. Never formally have I posted here until now. 

For years, I've tried to help would-be bullion buyers/sellers learn how to do so successfully for the long haul. Educating potential bullion buyers requires also alerting them to potential scams ongoing in the precious metals industry.

Many of the crooked practices learned throughout the brutal bear market of the 1980s and 1990s, still happen in various ways today. 

Overpriced greasy Gold Silver Coin Salesmen -

1974 US Treasury cables on London COMEX Gold Price 'concerns' -

Fake Chinese Counterfeit Threats ongoing -

I was one of the first in our industry to publically warn about Chinese fake American Silver Eagle Coins mostly and still today coming through Alibaba (which continues to benefit from its listing and ongoing funding within our financial capital markets).

UPDATE: US Mint is finally going to change the backside or reverse coin design of both the American Gold Eagle Coins and Silver Eagle Coins in 2021. That is about +8 years too late, but I suppose better than never. One of their Silver Eagle Coin planchet suppliers, Sunshine Minting Inc., has had and been using anti-counterfeit technology on their private mind rounds and bullion bars as far back as 2012.

Based on sales volumes published in the 21st Century, the Silver Eagle Coin remains the #1 bullion product sold in the world today:

CME Group's COMEX NYMEX discounting and incentivizing of Foreign Central Banks to actively trade in our price discovery dependent interest rate and commodity futures contract derivative markets since the year 2014:

Here is hoping the US Department of Justice will pursue justice and prison terms if the evidence indeed merits so for the head(s) of the JP Morgan precious metals RICO rigging crimes alleged -

LBMA Gold Price 'Transparency' from the middle 1980s East vs. Spot vs. West trading hour gold price action compounded full fiat currency era:

Anyways, this is just some of the kinds ^^^ of no-nonsense facts and non-hype analysis I will be dishing out here on the regular.

If you want to stay up on the bullion industry, stay tuned to my posts.

Cheers ZH,


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