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The events of a Western inspired takeover by Bolshevik forces of Russia was, after WWII, built up in the brains of every Western citizen, to the most ultimate terrible and evil social possibility. Nazism held that place in the American brain prior to Truman. I will explain the change, for this has been the Biographical background of our Lives.

The truth always was: there wasn’t “a dimes worth of difference” between the social economic positions of Franklin, Hamilton, Washington, Q. Adams, Lincoln, Garfield, Teddy, FDR or Kennedy and Marx! All these men subscribed to the “Labor Value Theory”, discovered by Marx in the work of FRANKLIN (A Modest Inquiry...,Collected Works, Volume II) who, first put forward LABOR as a fundamental asset, superior in market stability compared to Gold, Silver or any other asset, including LAND (which he advocated in and was used to back currency in, Pennsylvania) and who INVENTED the United States of America.

Politically, all of these men were Republicans (Republic is a word History best defined, distilled, in our own Constitutional Preamble:”We do establish this Constitution”…for The GENERAL Welfare…”). After America experienced some growing time, Marx observed (what anyone could have observed in the nation’s early years, the nation’s middle years or our beloved nation’s current time), sadly, a DICTATORSHIP of the American People by financial elites!

These observations of America, caused Marx to hope for the establishment in every nation on Earth, a Republican form of government that more certainly regulated and taxed its financial elites or eliminated them altogether by public or by collective institutions. Modern socialism was not tested by communist (cooperative) socialist institutions in Russia, China and elsewhere! Nor was a Marxist Socialism advocated by Marx, driven crazy, radicalized by evils of a London Empire. There is a difference between Marxist Communism and Marxist Socialism.

Socialism today is found in modern Nations, which bring a Post Office, a bank, a highway system, or any institution serving the Public GENERALLY, inside government itself. Americans and their small business would be unregulated and untaxed under either a Lincoln or Marx inspired American Socialism. Corporations, such as hospitals, banks, insurance providers, could only exist only for public purposes and public profit. In other words:

Socialism (a word that did NOT EXIST in the time of the Founders) meant Public.
Capitalism, (a word that did NOT EXIST in the time of the Founders) meant Private,
Communism (a word that did NOT EXIST in the time of the Founders) meant Cooperative.
Nazism (a word that did NOT EXIST in the time of the Founders) meant a Corporation for non-public purpose, i.e., LONDON'S CORPORATE EMPIRE.

Thus, the young Columbia law graduate Hamilton, AUTHOR OF OUR CONSTITUTION, in the first public speech calling for Revolution made by ANY of the Founders, declared, “Our fight is not against the English People or their customs or their Law, nor against their Parliament or even their Nation’s Crown but, rather, our Revolution is against their East India Company, their Hudson Bay Company, it is against their (private) Corporations.”

There is a an ocean of difference between Marxist Communist Socialism and Nazi Socialism, i.e., Nazi Fascist Socialist Germany and Communist Socialist Russia. Americans should feel in their historical take, very much more threatened by Nazism/Fascism.

The BRICS nations, led by Russia and China, are actually putting into effect, in a growing united-state effort, the essential, the expansive, political economy ideas of the U.S. Constitution, its core founders, its greatest Presidents, and also, its one time, greatest foreign born fan, Karl Marx.


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