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Born in Toronto Canada.
Had a passion for mechanical things. Like cars and motorcycles. Worked at GM Dealership after school for 3 yrs.

Wrote the exam and received my Mighwright certification 1980.
Worked precision tool and die maker on plastic injection moulds and machines.

Worked for the largest pharmaceutical firm in Canada. Started as a millright. Promoted to maintenance and reliability Manager. Worked in Italy, Germany, UK, Peurto Rico, US. to oversee projects for new process equipment, ensure compliance to build specifications and functionality. Managed 7 people,mechanics and electricians.

Respond and work with FDA and Health Canada inspections, proceedures and maintenance records to ensure compliance.

Corporate restructuring due to market conditions ended my career there after 20 yrs.

Started to work for generic drug manufacturer on SAP data cleansing, maintenance proceedures, to remove non value added tasks. Company decided not to persue data cleansing and data compliance/use. They ended the project.



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