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My distant relatives on my father's side founded Stamford Connecticut and my mother's family learned the newspaper business from Benjamin Franklin. I was educated at the Overlake School in Redmond, Washington and thereafter attended college at the University of Puget Sound, where I was, editor of the student newspaper.

My high school sweetheart who had me as her Stag for her debutante ball was the only daughter of the Fisher Flour Mills and Fisher Broadcasting Corporation family. While we went in different directions in life the influence of many media connections over my relatively brief life lead me to conclude that one day I wanted to own a newspaper.

After graduation from UPS, I sold computers for several companies including Lanier, NCR, Wang Labs, and Recognition Equipment Inc. At REI my first major sale was a $1 million system sold to Microsoft during my first 6-months. Perhaps it had helped that I had played high school soccer and rugby against Bill Gates who attended The Lakeside School.

I moved to North Central Washington in 1991 and in 1992 purchased the 105-year old weekly newspaper in Waterville Washington and operated it as the Publisher and Editor for four years. As many who know how hometown weekly newspapers operate, legal advertising was the life-blood. Seeing the handwriting on the wall for small weeklies, I sold to my business to the local daily newspaper in 1995. 

I am today known in my community for many things; former newspaper publisher, former commercial real estate broker, who served as the regional Realtor President and Government Affairs Director between 2004 and 2007 and more recently as a regular volunteer at our local food banks.

I have been a studious follower of Zero Hedge since 2007 and promote the ZH manifesto that good, real and researched news, in today's world, sometimes requires a non de plure.

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