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I love the new world order (or do I?). After a year, or so, of reading, I decided I would throw out some juicy tid bits. Cheerio mates. There are some great snarky people here. Some of the funniest I have read.  And, there are some people with real mastery of the financials. I am a depth of market/order book short term dude. No Longer than a day at most, ever. 

edit 6-18-18

The following cut and paste of a comment is why I hang around on the hedge. I found it in an article about Paul Tudor Jones. ::


exartizo Mon, 06/18/2018 - 16:22 Permalink


what scares me most?

Is the Righteous Big Fat Ugly Old Black $8.48 an Hour Possibly A Woman Wannabe Police Officer Security Guard With A Gun who thinks she's a cross between Shaft and Dirty Harry sitting her Big Fat Ass On A Lawn Chair Outside my Planet Fitness Sweating Like A Stuffed Pig Squeezing Her 10x Fat Booty Into Petite size Six Black Corduroy Trousers and a Hot Air Balloon Size Neon Blue Short Sleeved Shirt that gives the Feminist Movement a New Rabid Look For Complete and Total Loss Of Anything Even Remotely Feminine sizing me up for her Late Night Mud Wrestling All Night Wallowing Dirty Wet Dreams as I try to squeeze completely unnoticed around her and get in for a workout.

America is Seriously In Trouble.


There you go. You have to look to find some gems and this is only one of many. This writing is as good as it gets anywhere. You will not find comments like this anywhere on the internet. This is flaming hot molten liquid imagery as good as can be done. H S Thompson, Zappa and Hemingway can hang with this writing. 


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