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The FUNDAMENTAL human experience is, we don't decide nor determine anything.

We don't decide what is money.

However, we can describe its basic features such as its being a medium of exchange, a unit of account and a store of value.

A collection of scumbags, ranging from Americans to Freegolders, have said that this isn't so. That, for instance, money is not and should not be a store of value.

Your problem is what I wrote above at the beginning of this note.

You, just like I, decide shit.

You may think that this is not so, due to your hubris and the fact that this state of affairs has held for half a century or so, and still does.

The vast majority of the human race, yes, practically ALL of humanity, assume and believe that fiat currency issued out of thin air by the bankers, is money.

You may think that reality consists of what people believe it is.

But, your very own basic human experience is PROOF that this is not so. You only have to ask yourself, When was the last time was it that I decided to decide whatever it is that I think I decided? Your problem is that you actually know the answer. And the answer is NEVER.

So, true, this state of affairs of fiat money and 7 billion idiots who think that they are masters of their destiny [including the mythical 0.01 percent of humanity] can continue indefinitely, assuming that the natural resources available are enough to satisfy the bulk of humanity.

However, you don't DECIDE that, regardless of whether you are the 0.001 percent or part of the 99 percent.

Just like you don't decide what the flavor of sugar is, nor what to think about what you are reading presently; none of you will ever determine the actual outcome of what will transpire eventually.

You are all less than what comes out of my rear end yet you think you are God.

You see, this world (Imperfection) is the very proof that there is no God (Perfection). How could Perfection beget Imperfection?

Hence, what I said above ain't no hyperbole.

The real purpose -- like all those other little games that we play -- is to avert your eyes from the prize. The real prize is our privilege to be able to create worthless digits out of thin air and buy your goods and services with them without paying anything of real value in exchange.

We don't have to find a market to sell our bonds into; or make CDSs perform, or even save the financial system, for that matter. For we have the power to buy anything -- including a brand-new financial system right after this one collapses. Gold is not our nemesis. All of you will be happy to sell it to us for a higher price at a later date. We will be happy to oblige you with one form of fiat currency or another. Gold is just another story we tell to make you forget that you are all our slaves.

Gold, euros or dollars.

It doesn't matter as long as you have a price.

Why do you complain when YOU vote for us?

Why do you vote only for Democrats and Republicans?

When you know that we only intend to screw you?

What is the ONLY difference between the 1% and the 99%?

Their bank accounts.

No one will seek a solution when THEY are the problem.


Excuse me,


Why are you so stupid?

If we live in a democracy (and/or a republic with a Constitution),

Why is it that I and my friends, we can print money out of thin air and acquire all of your goods and services with it;

even force you to exchange your property against our worthless fiat (eminent domain, 'too big to fail or mess with' etc.);

and YOU, you can't?

This is what you want, this is what you get.


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