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I am originaly from Argentina. Since the year 2000 I have got my double nationality with the Spanish one.
Shortly after I got that passport, I was compelled to use it and did not return to my homeland until two years ago, and only to visit family and friends there.
February 2001 I escaped the greatest social and economic crises that engulfed my life and the lives of other 32 million people.
With only 500 dollars left in my pocket, I spent a few weeks in Madrid, Spain, working and trying to make a living. I prefered to carry on travelling and landed in England.
I always dreamed to be a passengers airplane pilot. Did not happen but at least managed to become a bus driver.
I have been doing that in England for the last 7 years.
Right now I and an internet entrepreneur and property investor. Also Sherman Shepherd breederl, yes, all those things and I am serious, please dont call me Sherley!


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