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If I can piss off 'Francis Marion', I can piss off ANYONE! All hail SATOSHI! (Insert obligatory SARC tag HERE) FUCK these guys... 'An honest day's work for an honest day's wages' is one of my favorite sayings. "I (sic) am as CONSTANT as the Northern Star!" (MY OLDEST DAUGHTER BRIDGET, ONE OF FIVE CHILDREN, TOLD ME THIS. I didn't know that she had fully comprehended 'Shakespeare' until then.) Mr. William Banzai (Number Seven) Esquire fracking ROCKS the ART WORLD! Neil Young (and 'Crazy Horse') are one of the earliest inspirations for my current mind-set (long before Zero Hedge was a gleam in their daddys' eyes-es). The ZH website really eats up TOO MUCH BANDWIDTH, though. The Tylers need to work on this problem. Be thankful that your dog finally has enough cheese. I'd rather have a bottle in front of me (than a frontal lobotomy). This ship is made of iron. I assure you, sir, that it CAN sink! Member for 6 years and something (but a lurker for a couple of years before that). UPDATE: Member for 7 YEARS (as of +-15 October 2016).

EDIT: Member for 8 years and some, now...

BUY THE fucking DIP, you fucking idiot.


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