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only death is certain. 

while you are waiting drink mead.

2 kg honey 
9 liters of water
2 lemon peel in pieces 
1 tbsp malt cinnamon 
1/4 tbsp malt clove 
1 tsp malt ginger 
1 good handful of aromatic hops, eg Saaz 

Mix all the ingredients except 2/3 of the bun. 
Boil until the amount is reduced by about 3 liters. This may take some time. 
Have the rest of the hops by the end of the cooking time, leave it only for 5-10 minutes. 

Pour over to the fermentation container through a fine sieve, flour or cloth, chill off and add yeast in the usual way. I would recommend making pre-culture. 

It is possible to use both upper and lower leg. You can also buy at least two special varieties of yeast intended for mud (one sweet and one dry type). You can also use plain vanilla foxes, such as sherry yeast.

What kind of yeast to choose depends entirely on how dry or sweet you want the mead. The rule is that the lower the alcohol tolerance the yeast has, the sweeter mead you get. 


Recipe from Norway



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