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Americans worship Individualism and Personal Success. It beats me why they are not happy now that their values said above have won and they got what they were supposed to get: a country where several winners are ruling stupid, incapable losers, 63% of which don't have enough money to cover a $500 emergency in savings, according to Forbes. Congratulations!
Americans are so sure they have the best system in the world - Capitalism! (It's much more democratic than Communism) It's weird to see that Americans are not happy now that Capitalism reached its apotheosis: capitalists control everything in the USA and no matter who rules the country, capitalists will always rule the ruler. (Marx, Lenin and Stalin wrote that it was and would always be the case with Capitalism, but Americans prefer to read Solzhenitsyn's books, well, they also prefer to know about the world from CNN, it's their choice and they shall get what they deserve).

And yes, after 2 liters of vodka there's no better fun than reading what Americans think they know about themselves... No, there is a better fun, and it's reading what Americans think they know about the rest of the world! But have to feed my pet bear first. Cheers!


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