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"Da lurker"
Old School; before there was school...everything was classless.

Ponder That newbies with attitude.

Resurrection from the Blogsot...cause the things you own will always own you ....get it?

I'm a non-high finance guy...rather a simple son of a son of a gold miner's son. I gets mine the old fashion way; Dig it.

ZH used to be about really smart players form all parts of tha game ..gett'n together and dropp'n knowledge on each other.
Kinda like an ole Irish pub in Boston...if you came in bought your pint and shut up, you'd probably learn who actually killed Kennedy and where that guys mistress got her hair done at.

Now its some kinda crazy red neck'n jew conspiracy rant haven...... A real intel barf house.

Now more.....I just cant take it anymore......some of you real dumb bitches (with no Z) are going to get butt hurt..and some Middle Eastern'n sand in your dripping Vaginas.

I'm back and bring'n da razor


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