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If I Reply- I Don't Vote- So don't blame me. Computer Programmer, Editor of boring websites such as (interest),, (profit) among others if they make money. Closet Prepper from North Florida & Idaho depending on time of year. Email me displacedguy at Gee Male you know what. I collect metals (phizz) and re-accumulating since Dec '16. Play the crypto game cautiously moving profits into phizz. Trump voter conditionally supporting him- giving him time to do Game of Thrones planning. Generally don't like any politicians- other than Ron Paul, Rand Paul and... hmm can't think of any more offhand. Voted Trump in FL Primary & General. Would love to find a patriot strong-hold in this country to settle down to- liking Idaho a lot except for the libbies & New Jersey blood suckers taking advantage of the kind Mormons. Most my child hood was rural Wisconsin. First business started my Sophomore year of high-school with my best friend- cutting/splitting firewood- shipping to Chicago and sold by semi-load. Information addict- need to figure out how everything works. Generally a nice person- 99.6% of the time until the Italian in my blood begins to boil at which point anything goes. Love to hear from ZH'ers and have heard from some nice ones already!


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