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Retired at age 35 playing the markets and betting fights. Would have won the inaugural Toronto Star stock picking contest but didn't think it was worth the price of a stamp. Stamps cost a lot more in Canada than in America. It was more a play on mathematics than anything else as you could pick any 5 stocks over 2 dollars a share on the TSE at the time. After the first year they ruined the contest by giving you a group of shares to pick from. Great background in all forms of gambling. Was the top pinball player in Canada from about 1974 through to 1997 when my health went downhill. Use to play pinball for money for decades at the Broadway Arcade in New York. I was the guy who busted "Jelly" Cartagena back in 1984 at the Broadway Arcade. This was the clown I busted for over a hundred grand U.S.


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