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Ron Hera, who is the founder of Hera Research, LLC and the principal author of the Hera Research Newsletter, holds a master's degree from Stanford University and is a member of Mensa and of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. A native Californian, Ron is a self described "escapee" from Silicon Valley, California. Originally a serial entrepreneur and private investor in communications software and mobile technology, Ron turned his attention to investing in natural resources, such as precious metals, after the dot-com bubble and stock market crash of 2000.

Ron is a popular speaker whose media appearances include speaking engagements at major conferences, as well as radio networks and talk shows, such as the Korelin Economics Report, Turning Hard Times into Good Times with Jay Taylor on the VoiceAmerica network, the Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz and many more.

Ron's articles have been featured in prestigious print publications, such as Resource World Magazine, and on major Internet sites including King World News, Financial Sense, GoldSeek, Seeking Alpha, Kitco, MineWeb, the Ludwig von Mises Institute and many other professional venues around the world. Ron's articles have been translated into Arabic, German, Vietnamese and other languages.

Ron Hera produces in-depth research reports for clients and teaches investors and investment professionals how to evaluate resource stocks, such as mining stocks. Ron Hera developed the proprietary Resource Company Lifecycle Model, which balances risk and growth in portfolios that include multiple resource types, such as precious metals, base metals, crude oil and natural gas, over companies at different stages in their developmental lifecycles.


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