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German national
engineer and programmer. active in international micorcontroller dev. tools customer support.

Do travel a lot for leisure on MC , worldwide, Americas, Europe, Africa, Maghreb.
Through painful experience now keeper of my parent's estate.
Turned to gold bug in the process and started asking questions on Sept. 26 2011 looking at the GLD charts.

Current litearature:
All the Devils are Here, Bethany Mc Lean,
Currency Wars, Rickards
This Time its different, Rogoff
Etreme Monay, Satyahit Das
TBTF, Sorkin

Enjoy watching Max Keiser (like that sarcasm),
follow Reggie Middleton and Kyle Bass
a bit bewildered by GATA, but they have a point,
Sorry about OWS -- too naive
Anonymous: they should take action and proove they can walk the walk.


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