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I am a Pissed Off USA Citizen. I am Sick of Corrupt Government/Croney Capitalism along with the Banks/Federal Reserve. We need a revolution. Put the corrupt politicians and bankers in jail. Bring back jobs. Use incentives to bring back jobs that have already left and additional incentives to keep existing US based companies from moving offshore. Install duties on imports to level the playing field. Raise import taxes along with duties. Make the import items as expensive as a item that can be produced here in our country with our higher costs of labor. Ditto for big pharma and medical care. We Need the medical industry controlled and non for profit status pulled. Additionally prescription drugs must be sold at reasonable rates. Bonuses to executives at these non profit hospitals must be controlled as do the stock dividends. I find it disgusting the CEO's at healthcare insurance companies and hospitals are raking in 10's of millions in pay/bonus packages while paying out record dividends while simultaneously claiming they are not making an money and thus must increase rates. Additionally, we need to hold politicians accountable (treason) who attack, alter, or reinterpret the constitution in terms that were not intended by the founding fathers.  Legislators who attempt to change the meaning or context shall be deemed an enemy of the state and tried for treason. We need to remove lobbyist influence and money payoffs.


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