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I would like to be instrumental in helping the formation of local non-militant militia (patriots) on the neighborhood level and developing a national network of communication for the management of resources and information.  My handle, SybilDefense is a pun on the movie Sybil and how we need to be able to defend ourselves and our country from the multitude of crazy that's out there with the realization that sometimes people are not who they seem, even if they think they are.  Even good people can be made to think stupid thoughts, or whipped into action for political gain of a few bad actors, as we see with the Dem leadership and their crazed left wing unhinged activists.  We all must live together in our society, so pointing fingers is less effective than opening your hand and helping your neighbors understand various sides of reason through discourse and participation.  My motto is "Take a neighborhood progressive to the range.  If you can't teach them to respect the second amendment.  Leave them there ...for good"


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