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6,000 years of Price System scarcity economics is coming to an end and the banksters & lawyers don't have a clue how to stop it.
All systems of every country on Earth are Price Systems based on scarcity valuations using debt money.
In America the government - Congress White House and Supreme Court - is stacked top to bottom with lawyers and businessmen - it is the same in most modern countries. However, the problems we face are not financial or economic - they are scientific.
Without science, technology and creatives, lawyers and businessmen would be wearing animal pelts arguing in caves about how best to divide an animal carcass.

Since the problems we face as a civilization are not related to business or law, we are wholly unprepared for this new age of scientifically and technically created abundance.

Jobs are becoming more, not less, scarce and people are suffering tremendous hardships.

There is plenty of work to be done but no jobs to do it.

We are scientifically and technically capable of a civilization that far exceeds what current Price Systems could ever achieve.

Across the board debt money based Price Systems are retarding the progress of civilization.

We are in the Dark Ages compared to where we could and should be.

It's time we stopped listening to the people who cause the problem and have no real solutions for how to re-sync scientific and technological progress with civilization and a rising standard of living.

Asking lawyers and businessmen (our government) to fix a scientific problem is like asking a butcher to build a space colony.

The present mission for Americans - and most of Earth's inhabitants - is to use resources solely to produce profits.
Whether it's micro chips or potato chips - the present Price System does not care, it's all about money.

Once all of the fish, trees, air, soil, water and non-renewable resources are extracted, as long as a profit is produced, this system doesn't care. It is predicated upon eternal growth from an ever shrinking resource base. As long as "they" can pump more debt they'll keep this system going for a party longer - until it stops.

We need a new mission.

I suggest Technocracy as a management system and Thorium as its energy source.

With this combination we can advanced to the next level - a Type 1 civilization -
and a standard of living even billionaires can only dream of.


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