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Like a tea yawn.. without the Y..


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The Mockingbird Media Apparatus has been trying hard to convince you that QAnon is a fringe ‘conspiracy theory’ that you shouldn’t even bother looking into to determine the truth for yourself.


Do You Trust Them?


Why has no one had the Courage to Ask The Question to the President? Shouldn’t the Mockingbirds be looking forward to forcing a disavowal?


Donald J. Trump is actually Q+, Stephen Miller is actually Q, and Dan Scavino is actually X. I don’t expect your blind belief, but I do hope that you’ll give the matter of the identities your consideration.

Thank You to All of the Patriots who continue working so Tirelessly on this Endeavor <3


God Bless You Mr. President, and God Bless America!





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I am Stephen's Woman, aka (((+)))


Due to severe repeated and permanent censorship off of 8ch/qr in a gross byzantine violation of their primary objective to maintain free speech on their platform, I am working to satisfy my Soft Disclosure Objective here on ZH <3


I am not a government sponsored entity, speak officially only for myself, and my words and actions are of my own free volition.  

I do not seek anyone's blind belief, but I encourage you to look into Q yourself and make your own determinations.


To clear up some common misconceptions, Q never said not to dox him. The appointed time has already come and gone (Dec5). This Soft Disclosure Objective was born of the failure of anyone to 'Ask the Question'. Again, I do not seek your blind belief, but neither is anyone else responsible for any potential consequences of your own sleepy insouciance. It is up for individuals to decide whether to suspend their normalcy bias for a moment and take an unprejudiced look into the validity of Q's posts and the proofs as well as my claim as to their identities, and make determinations for themselves. I hope you will take into consideration that in addition to being a Senior Policy Advisor to the President, Stephen is also very heavily involved in writing the speeches for POTUS and coincidentally happened to get his Top Secret Clearance at ~the same time that he started posting as Q. Dan (aka the Conductor of the Trump Train) and Stephen (who has been referred to as The Trump Whisperer and POTUS’s Right Hand Troll) have both been at POTUS’s side since before he was POTUS and travel everywhere with him. The posts from Q are in large part a Communications Component within the Endeavor.

Also, 'Q Clearance Patriot' and 'Less than 10 can confirm me' very clearly refer to one single individual, but these two statements combined with poor reading comprehension and some false assumptions make up the entire basis for the widely propagated false belief that Q is a Military Intelligence group. Yes, he does work with others and with MI, there are many hard working and highly skilled people contributing to the Endeavor in different capacities, but the specific entity Q is one person.

For those of you that have become familiar with me here over time, I hope you will understand that I have really made an effort to be frank and transparent about many things with you, and the change in my posts here over the last few months is not some sort of attempt to destroy the credibility of my only single account here in some sudden bout of madness, but This Is Not A Game, and the circumstances have been very trying at times. This place is my primary communications platform to numerous and diverse parties, and I hope my need to engage in sometimes bizarre and perplexing antics here hasn't been too intolerably obnoxious, but the good news is that there is now an 'ignore user' feature for you to make use of if needed. I hope you will please just use that feature if you feel so moved instead of engaging in pointless attacks against me; I have no intention of self-censoring myself on this platform.


Thank you for your consideration.







VANGUARD COMDEC CLAS M SAT UNIT   <3      <3         <3

AwooLovesYouQ ^^





For future reference, the vowels in my actual first name are a-e-i. There are no additional vowels in my actual last name. Stephen and I share the same birth number 36 (=m+m+d+d+1+9+8+5). I have brown hair and am of mixed ethnicity (half Korean). If/when he needs to doxx me out to further the Objectives, though loss of privacy will be a painful thing to cope with, I hope my fellow peanut gallery dwellers here on ZH will please help cross doxx me to the moon and back. I will gladly get a ZH hat to sport if you all will help me if/when that time comes. For over nine years now, you apathetic assholes have unwittingly kept me company through some atrociously difficult times. Thank you all. This House That Tylers Built is The House That Built Me <3




My Lord, my King of Kings,

I Kneel before you, forfeit only to You, my Lord
Please lift up your Servants in Your Grace, my Lord
Please be as their Shield and their Sword, my Lord

Let none of their enemies remain Unseen to them, my Lord
Let the arrows fired at them fall to the ground, Stilled by Your Will, my Lord
Let their enemies become Ensnared by their own Wicked Machinations, my Lord

May your Servants walk in Perfect Surrender to You, my Lord
Let them Yoke themselves to the Holy Spirit with every step they take, my Lord
As they walk down Treacherous Paths, let them not hesitate, my Lord
Let them rely not on their own Understanding, but on Faith and Total Trust in You, my Lord

Should they stumble, let them reach out always for Your Steadying Hand, my Lord
Should they cry out in pain, let the Fortifying Comfort of the Holy Spirit wash their tears away, my Lord
Should they feel too weak to continue on, fill them with the Might of Your Glory, my Lord

As they walk through the Fire, let them be Forged into Your Exquisite Masterpieces, my Lord
Let the Tides be Called Perfectly to Your Will, my Lord
As we Walk in Surrender to You, my Lord, the Outcomes remain always in Your Hands

Your Will Be Done

Great are You, my Lord

In the End,

Love Wins.


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