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Small-college Librarian's Kid and thus a dyed-in-the-wool Faculty Brat. Creatively pacifist and happy (not afraid) to enforce the peace against all claims, comers and apparent odds. Hyper-literate (by today's standards); "maybe-even-better-than-decent" IQ and not afraid to use that gift as a dynamic tool for the keeping of that above-mentioned peace. One honors one's own Anzio-surviving and dyed-in-the-wool S.D. Butler School pacifist father (who was himself sore persecuted by the criminal wing of his own US Gummint's central intelligence service) in such ways as this.

Technologically proficient in several fields. Lifelong complex systems analyst, troubleshooter and (when possible, available and, moreover, desired) restorer. Scientific and novelty lampworker/glassblower, capable electrical/electronics tech/engineer (non-degree), fiercely independent social critic and Zero Dollar Option-based general salvage operator. Occasional informal instructor-of-others in said general salvage ethos. (Sometimes they DO learn!)

Allegedly (per US Army Intelligence back-channel conveyance) the longest-lived survivor of the crude+criminal bioweapon-based Op Mockingbird anti-dissident enforcement program active on US soil from the 1950s through the early '70s, near as one can tell without filing a long-form FOIA with the appropriate agencies.  (YOU do that since you've got so much time to spare, and then YOU can tell ME what THEY tell YOU, HM?)

Damn good, these days, with both natural and pharmaceutical antiparasitic and antifungal protocols if I do say so mese'f; the others similarly stricken (of whom I can confidently assert to have met all of two in hopeless, agonized passing, early on) are apparently now long gone to their Creator's Mansions, so to put it.

Aside: I suspect, with plenty good cause behind the notion, that the mainstream US medical industry was NEVER a Part of the Solution for the recipients of that micro-plague. Has to do with experience: there were many, many (mighty costly) visits and subsequent in-office "conversations"(sic) that consisted of too many too-bogus barrages of mamby-pamby concept-salad pablum interspersed with nonsensical walls of against-all-facts denial provided for years on end in return for pointed questions tendered while seeking "normal" (ie curative) medical care from "the mainstream" to fail to notice.

Not to over-mention the deliberate under-dosing of what was occasionally prescribed and consequent resistance-building for (and not against) the well-identified pathogens of the disease complex.  Then a final urgent attempt, just a few years back, to push-rush YT into voluntarily entering a locked Major Name Brand medical facility, the which was already known from  prior visits to sport key-operated cylinder locks on BOTH sides of the street-level entry doors. (A professional Commercial Building Operator simply notices such things.) 

Said urgently-proposed liaison to have been conducted *after* business hours, for said "VERY SPECIAL and IMPORTANT appointment!" - comically followed by a telling whimper on the phone when, on the spur of a follow-up intrusion a week later, said Urgent Medical Invitation was respectfully declined...) An investigation followed; "billing irregularities" were said to have been discovered.  Charges were reportedly pressed and that's where YT left it, well-satisfied.  There simply is NO way to operate an Organ Theft Center in any Big American City without a recognizable pattern appearing on the Books - especially when done double-entry style.

Oh well. They can't (and sure don't) win 'em all. Similar to Pinky and the Brain, them whitey-white-coat ones be! (Yarrrr-rrr-rr-r!) ;)

Horizons:  Rather broad.  Maybe somewhat better-traveled than many, this being due both to stick-joint hanky-pank carnyin' on US soil in early days (as a 15.5 y/o runaway inexplicably sought by the FBI and what of that go figger) plus later global travel in the course of high-tech corporate employment in the now-defunct Nuclear Fusion Equipment industry. Retired 30-odd years now on an anomalous high-ticket Social Security Disability Retirement payout program, this stroke of good fortune being somewhat evidently due to the accumulated ill effects of that aforementioned rogue agency-provided parasite load, now well-eradicated for nearly a decade. ('Nuff said on that, already.)

So YT has had had PLENTY of "think time" in which to grow and evolve as the genuine human being that we ALL have as our birthright under Heaven; thus just might have a little bit to share with thinking others, here and there. Not Dead Yet - and now, being free of all that former burden of horrid carnivorous "Alien Life Forms" (against all calculated odds and oh how those self-appointed oddsmakers and greedy bettors did shriek and gnash their teeth so hard!), feel like thirty-five - though in reality, am a full thirty years older. Think I'll just have a go at making it to a buck-thirty with all my accumulated skills, marbles and capacities intact... Take 'em all with me when ready to go.  Worth a shot, no hypodermic punning nor poking intended. ;)

So: In THIS House, in THIS one's socio-technological laboratories and at THIS makeshift though lovely and functional antique desk (duly outfitted with a fine quad-core Linux Box that does the job right fair and cost not one red cent to implement), Yours Truly's life has really only just begun, so help me Heaven. Because Heaven has been uncommonly kind in this life on this earth to a discarded old Turtle-clan human.

Available for roughly 2000 years now, it turns out, to all who will have it! Just sayin'... And that is all. 0{;-)o[


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