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Mozi's Meritocratic warning signs (ancient semi-Taoist Chinese dude) Point 3 and 5 worries for U.S.A. (currently)

Should the ruler be unrighteous, seven disasters would result for that nation. These seven disasters are: (1) Neglect of the country's defense, yet there is much lavished on the palace. (2) When pressured by foreigners, neighbouring countries are not willing to help. (3) The people are engaged in unconstructive work while useless fools are rewarded. (4) Law and regulations became too heavy such that there is repressive fear and people only look after their own good. (5) The ruler lives in a mistaken illusion of his own ability and his country's strength. (6) Trusted people are not loyal while loyal people are not trusted. (7) Lack of food. Ministers are not able to carry out their work. Punishment fails to bring fear and reward fails to bring happiness.


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