'Once-In-A-Millennia' Rain Event Swamps South Florida

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 13, 2023 - 01:30 PM

Update (1152ET): 

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is flooded. 

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A 1-in-1,000-year rainfall event swamped South Florida Wednesday, flooding streets and even closing an airport. A flood warning remains in effect through Thursday morning. 

According to the latest update from the National Weather Service office in Miami, between 14 and 20 inches of rain has been dumped on the Fort Lauderdale metro area since Wednesday afternoon.

"This amount of rain in a 24-hour period is incredibly rare for South Florida," NWS meteorologist Ana Torres-Vazquez told CNN. 

Torres-Vazquez described the rain event as a "1-in-1,000-year event, or greater," implying the odds of happening in any given year are just .1%. She said the amount of rainfall in one day has been equivalent to a high-end hurricane. 

Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy told CNN the rain storm is the "most severe flooding that I've ever seen." 

Here are the wild scenes from South Florida:

The forecast for Thursday indicates more rain for South Florida may increase the rainfall total even more.