The 'Brrr' Is Coming Back

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Aug 20, 2023 - 02:00 AM

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has peaked and will soon give way to the cold season. The latest extended weather forecast for the winter 2023-24 season reveals cold temperatures, snow, and damp conditions across the Lower 48. 

"After a weird and warm winter season last year, this winter should make cold weather fans rejoice—especially those in the Great Lakes, Midwest, and northern New England areas," Peter Geiger, editor of the Farmer's Almanac, wrote in a statement.

Geiger added, "The 'brrr' is coming back! We expect more snow and low temperatures nationwide."

For winter, the Farmer's Almanac factors in a strengthening of El Niño, which should result in more moisture and storms across the southern US.

Last year's weather prediction forecasted a chilly and snowy winter for the East and arid conditions for the West. However, that only partially panned out. 

Farmers' Almanac's method of forecasting weather is the same as it was two centuries ago:

"The Almanac first started in 1818, so back in that time period, our editor wanted to predict the weather for farmers. So, he developed a mathematical formula that gets applied to sunspot activity, planet position, the effect the moon has on the Earth, and all of those things. The formula allows us to do our weather two years in advance. There are times when there's a very strong El Niño, or La Niña that's very strong, that could make things a little different than what we're calling for, but basically, we have a good track record."

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has peaked. 

Others are forecasting cold weather. 

If the Farmers' Almanac's winter predictions prove accurate, brace yourselves for another wave of the very same climate alarmists who warned of a melting Earth this summer due to cow farts and gas-powered cars. They will likely pivot and claim cold weather is yet another sign of 'climate change' induced by humans. Has anyone told these hopeless, fearmongering folks there are seasons?