China's Northernmost City Sees Lowest Temperatures Ever Recorded

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023 - 04:40 AM

China's "North Pole" recorded its lowest temperature since records began.

The Chinese city of Mohe dropped to minus 53 degrees Celsius Sunday, according to China Daily, citing data from the country's local weather bureau.

The frigid temperatures broke a previous record of minus 52.3 degrees Celsius. Temperatures have been below minus 50 degrees Celsius for three consequence days. 

"As a new round of extreme cold hit Heilongjiang, a number of areas in the Greater Khingan Range have recorded their coldest ever temperatures," China Daily said. 

Earlier this month, we pointed out a cold air mass swirling in the Arctic was shattering records. The rural northern Siberian town of Zhilinda recorded temperatures of minus 62.1 degrees Celsius. 

Arcfield Weather's Paul Dorian explained recently that winter isn't over and called for a significant change in North American weather. 

On Monday, the weather blog Severe Weather Europe outlined:

The Polar Vortex is starting to weaken as a strong Stratospheric Warming event is about to unfold. As the forecast indicates, the Polar Vortex will be heavily deformed but will not fully collapse. These important events can have a significant impact on the rest of winter in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Some meteorologists continue to tweet long-term weather models that suggest a polar vortex could result in colder weather for the US and Europe at the end of the month or early February.