"Get Ready" For Another Snowstorm To Blast Northeast

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 05, 2022 - 10:40 PM

Following a major snowstorm in the mid-Atlantic Monday, AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring another storm that could bring snowfall to Washington, D.C. to Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York City to Boston late this week. 

"Get ready! We have another storm on the way Thursday night into Friday," AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said. He added the storm will affect a large swath of the Northeast and could even impact Interstate-95 in Northern Virginia, the scene on Monday where snow paralyzed a strip of highway that left hundreds of motorists stranded in their vehicles for up to 24 hours. 

"Here are the ingredients: A fresh injection of cold air will be coming across the Midwest Wednesday and into the Northeast Thursday. We have another jet stream disturbance, which is going to cause a dip in the jet stream across the central parts of the United States Wednesday night into Thursday," Rayno explained. "That's going to form the storm on Thursday."

It's still too early to determine the storm's exact path and which areas will receive the heaviest snow as forecasting models continue to evolve. Still, there is an overall consensus the storm will track across Virginia then possibly up the Eastern Seaboard. 

"The storm is unlikely to repeat the magnitude of heavy snow in much of Virginia," Rayno said, but heavy snow will likely be seen in the Northeast. 

Another round of snow for major metro areas across the mid-Atlantic could cause more delays along the I-95. There is also the risk of a surge in flight cancellations. Since the storm could also affect Northeast cities, the impact might be more widespread than the storm earlier this week.