Next Week's Heat Wave To Bake Californians 

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 - 01:50 PM

June is typically the month the wildfire season in California begins. The state is already battling an extreme drought, and the first heat wave of the season hit last week. The risks of another heat wave are increasing for next week. 

The hottest and most fire-prone months are nearing as a second heat wave of the season could arrive as early as next week. 

How the season turns out may depend on the immediate climate in the state. Extreme heat and drought are several factors that may produce dry fuels and eventually spark fires. 

Forecast temperature anomalies daily are expected to jump for the southern part of the state by Tuesday/Wednesday and then the whole state by Friday. In many parts of the state, temperature anomalies, the difference from an average, or baseline, temperature, could be +14 degrees. Forecasts suggest Bakersfield and Fresno could reach triple digits. 

Prospects of the next heat wave come as the Drought Monitor (dated June 3) shows much of California, nevertheless, the West Coast, is experiencing some level of drought

California could be headed for a dangerous wildfire season with conditions already parched. 

Further, we want to monitor power prices in the state as grid demand could overwhelm supply, and power companies could issue rolling blackouts to conserve power or prevent wildfires.