Not Again; Another Winter Storm To Batter South, Midwest, And Northeast

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Feb 15, 2021 - 07:15 PM

Our weather note last Friday titled ""Overwhelming Signal" - Major Winter Storm Threats For Million Of Americans Within Next Five Days" outlined the possibilities of major winter storms from Denver to Dallas to Chicago to Cleveland to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states through Feb. 21. 

As a major winter storm, named Uri by The Weather Channel, continues to spread a wintery mix across the South into parts of the Midwest and Northeast through Tuesday, another cross-country storm could be developing this week. 

Winter Storm Viola will have a similar track as Uri and bring wintry weather to cities like Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, and Cincinnati.

The storm will impact areas from the Northwest into the Rockies through Monday night. Already winter storm watches and warnings have been posted. 

Accumulating snowfall is expected on Tuesday for the southern Rockies into the Southern Plains. North Texas to Oklahoma City might also see a wintery mix. Freezing rain may be seen in Texas's central and eastern parts and northwest Louisiana. 

Another round of wintery weather for Texas could stress the state's power grid operator ERCOT even further. Rolling blackouts are expected to remain through Tuesday but could extend further into the week as the second winter blast is expected in the coming days. 

The storm will spread snow across Oklahoma and northern Texas into Arkansas, Missouri, and the Ohio Valley by Wednesday. Freezing rain and sleet could impede travel on major interstates in central and eastern Texas into northern Louisiana and the Lower Mississippi Valley. By evening, snow will spread to the Ohio Valley, central Appalachians and mid-Atlantic.

Thursday is when the storm is expected to arrive in the Northeast. Metro areas surrounding the Interstate 95 corridor, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, could start with snow and transition to a wintry mix or even rain.

An ice storm could be seen across Virginia. Snowfall will also continue around the Great Lakes into the Ohio and Mississippi valleys.

Snowfall forecasts show accumulating snow from Dallas to Boston between Tuesday and Friday. 

Meanwhile, for much of the country, temperatures will remain well below their averages this week. 

However, after this weekend, there is good news - heating degree days for the US appear to return to normal levels, which means warmer temperatures are ahead that will decrease energy demand usage.

From the polar vortex split to major winter storm threat to energy crisis across the Great Plains - our readers were some of the first to know of this historic event