Round 2: Toxic Wildfire Smoke From Canada Set To Blanket Northeast Cities

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 28, 2023 - 03:05 PM

This week, smoke from Canadian wildfires has blanketed Chicago and much of the Upper Midwest. By Wednesday morning, air quality warnings are in effect for Pittsburgh, Pennaysvia, and Rochester, New York, as the smoke is being blown into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. 

After weeks of smoke relief, metro areas from Washington, DC to Baltimore to Philadelphia to New York City will receive another blast of toxic smoky haze from Canadian wildfires. 

On Tuesday, Governor Kathy Hochul said, "We're expecting smoke and haze to come all across the state." However, the potential intensity of the smoke wasn't clear, but air quality maps tweeted by the governor this morning show unhealthy air quality in Western New York, Central New York, and the Eastern Lake Ontario regions. 

Smoke forecast maps via The New York Times show the polluted air is expected to arrive in major Mid-Atlantic and Northeast metro areas this afternoon. 

According to, unhealthy air conditions have been reported as far east as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

Bryan Jackson, a forecaster with the Weather Prediction Center, told Bloomberg the reason for the smoke shifting to the east is a weather pattern that brought rain across the Northeast is moving out, forcing wind from north to south. This will allow Canada's wildfire smoke to move south. 

Fox News Weather explains more about the wildfire smoke pouring into the US. 

NOAA's weather satellites captured the "grayish smoke" plume drifting across the US. 

The smoke has even spread across the Atlantic into Europe. 

For those of us residing on the East Coast, brace yourselves for another round of  smoke.