Harvard Prepares To Screen "Domestic Ecoterrorism" Movie About Blowing Up American Pipelines

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024 - 02:00 AM

The nation is already on alert for terrorist attacks after radical leftists in the White House facilitated the greatest-ever migrant invasion through the southern border, letting in millions of illegal aliens, some of whom are known terrorists. 

Just days ago, Moscow was hit by a terrorist attack. Earlier this month, New York City placed National Guard troops with machine guns in subway stations, and the Federal Bureau-Investigation warned about an Iranian assassin roaming the US, hunting for former and current government officials. 

Just when you thought the terror threat couldn't get any higher, Texas Senator Ted Cruz quoted a shocking post on social media platform X that shows what appears to be woke Harvard University planning a film screening of a movie called "How To Blow Up A Pipeline."

Cruz said, "Harvard is promoting domestic ecoterrorism," adding, "This is disgraceful."

And, with a little digging. This upcoming film screening of "How to Blow Up A Pipeline" is real. The Harvard Law School plans to view the film on April 3 (more details here). 

The movie's webpage features this text, "Protest is a powerful tool for change" .... "If we want to survive we must protect the revolutionaries who take necessary actions to fight the fossil fuel industry and protect our existence." 

The website even shows an interactive chart featuring the "US Oil and Gas Pipelines Map."

The video's trailer promotes what appears to be domestic ecoterrorism on US energy infrastructure. Somehow, YouTube allows this? 

X users are appalled that Harvard is promoting ecoterrorism flicks that can heavily influence youngsters:

Perhaps lawmakers should launch another investigation into Harvard (following the Gay scandal) for its willingness to screen such a radical leftists movie that promotes attacks on critical infrastructure.