Time For A Backyard Chicken Coop? Supermarket Egg Prices Soaring Once-Again

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Mar 13, 2024 - 10:00 PM

As of Wednesday, there are just 18 days left until Easter celebrations begin. For those who have recently visited the supermarket, egg prices are trending in the wrong direction, although well off the highs recorded in December 2022.

Data from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that Grade A egg prices per dozen jumped 40% from $2.13 to $3 between November and February. 

Customer review and consumer news platform "ConsumerAffairsreports that egg prices have "zoomed higher by a significant percentage in certain parts of the country," indicating the largest surges have been at supermarkets in Minneapolis and Buffalo/Rochester, adding "Orlando's egg prices went up as well." 

ConsumerAffairs noted that the price surges were mainly seen in "large central metro areas, but in non-core rural areas, there was a fairly noticeable decrease." 

"You can try and pin this on grocer greed, but that's a wasted accusation. The higher prices of eggs in the US are actually due to several factors. There has been a significant reduction in the supply of eggs as a result of the avian influenza outbreak, which has resulted in the euthanasia of millions of chickens and ducks," ConsumerAffairs said. 

What intrigues us is the price gap in egg prices that ConsumerAffairs finds in cities versus rural areas. This means anyone who lives in big cities and wants to escape the inflation horror show under Bidenomics should at least consider rural communities where food can be sourced locally and sometimes a lot cheaper.

It probably wouldn't hurt to homeschool the kids while living out in rural America. 

Alternatively, starting a farm and taking control of one's food supply is a powerful step towards independence from the overreaching state and mega-corporations.

For those who can't move because the Federal Reserve has paralyzed the housing market with high-interest rates, consider a backyard garden and chicken coop.