This decision will rank only second after his selection of the new Supreme Court justice in importance for the country, the economy, and your portfolio. The betting is that he will pick three monetary doves who will keep interest rates lower for longer, continuing the steroid injections of free money for the economy. The ghost of libertarian Ayn Rand will no longer be welcome on this board. Setting up a layup for the 2012 election.
Never be satisfied with the gruel we are handed, take anything offered and everything demanded. Rather than complain that the gruel doesn’t fill, think like Oliver Twist and declare you want more swill. Be the voracious mindless consumer that the Ponzi claims they don’t forbid. Become a blood sucking vampire and plunge into the blood funnel of your favorite giant squid.

Salt Is A Class I Drug

The government wants to regulate your intake of salt because your lousy eating habits will drive up the cost of Obamacare. Salt consumption is anti-social behavior and deserves to be punished.
AAPL earnings blew the doors off, DARPA got its grapefruit on with an Industry Day for the "Mind's Eye Program" and even 'Hitler is no longer upset about the iPad'. Wonder what Jimmy Cayne was up to in the clubhouse between bridge tournaments? After inspecting AAPL and market internals, almost as many looks at POT as UC-Boulder saw yesterday.
Let the economy do the heavy lifting, Some 60% will be achieved through tax hikes, and 40% via spending cuts. But the plan assumes that interest rates remain unchanged, the economy grows at 3%, and the war on terror ends in four years. What if the terrorists don’t cooperate? Houston, we have a problem….
Did the SEC just take away Wall Street’s punch bowl with this suit? "They might have," says Jim Bianco, President of Bianco Research in Chicago. If the SEC wins the Goldman case, "this would have far-reaching effects," he says. With all due respect to Jim, I say let the witch hunts continue. Besides, it's just another circus show and nothing will change on Wall Street. The sleazebags will concoct new ways to satisfy their insatiable greed.
Just this morning I posted an article describing how much of the mainstream media suffers from diminishing revenues due to the fact that they simply rubber stamp soundbites and produce reports that are simply cardboard cutouts of what is pushed out by Reuters and the Well, JP Morgan’s latest quarterly earnings release is a perfect example.
This is where the mainstream media is failing. When the paradigm shift into distributed computing and the resultant frictionless media model occurred, MSM fought instead of embracing it. A typical old school reaction, it was inevitable and a fight that they were destined to lose. Instead of complaining about free content, produce something worth paying for!