Watch: Canadian Activists Demanding Return Of Mask Mandates Attack Counter Protester

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023 - 12:50 PM

The covid cult is still out there, desperate for a return to the days of lockdowns and restrictions and in Canada they appear to be highly militant.

  Mask mandates were perhaps one of the most egregious violations of science during the pandemic scare (though there were so many violations, that question is up for debate).  Government officials including Anthony Fauci in the US admitted in the early days of the crisis that masks would do little to save the public from transmission.  Suddenly, the narrative changed and masks became a hard requirement in many regions just to enter retail establishments to buy necessities.

Medical tyranny was upon us. 

Luckily, enough people in the US and Canada stood against the mandates and eventually disrupted the agenda.

As it turns out, according to multiple studies all common masks (including N95 masks) offer no significant protection against the covid virus. 

That's right, the science says the masks are useless; they are nothing more than a placebo. 

We'll say that again:  The masks are ineffective against covid.  This is a fact.  

Yet, activists in Canada are still demanding mandated masks, specifically in health facilities, after the government of British Columbia finally dropped the requirements.

Protesters gathered in front of Health Minister Adrian Dix’s MLA office in Vancouver Friday, calling for mask mandates to be brought back.

Protesters describe the event as an "expression of outrage," ignoring the reality that their mindless fears conflict with the facts at hand, and are also irrelevant to individual freedoms.  What the above news broadcast conveniently cuts out is how the mask obsessives react when someone expresses a viewpoint contrary to theirs:

So, why continue to support the mask mandates to the point of violence? Because the masks became more than a safety tool.  They became a signal of ideological virtue, a uniform for the political left.  The masks were also a signal of submission to state controls, and for a period of a couple years maskers were like an army, an extension of state power, and they loved it.  They could easily identify their "enemies" merely by looking for a missing mask, thereby applying mob pressure to force those people to conform.  It doesn't matter to them that the masks offer little-to-zero protection, that was not their true purpose anyway.

With the masking mandates gone from most of the west and covid exposed as an over-hyped illness with a tiny Infection Fatality Rate of 0.23%, leftists act as if they are floundering.  They got a taste of power and then it was taken away from them, and now they're angry.  The lesson?  People who want power this badly should never have access to it.  Hysteria is food for fanatics.