Watch Dave Smith Burn Chris Cuomo To The Ground In Epic Covid Debate

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 02, 2024 - 02:01 PM

For the legions of us who still carry righteous rage about the tyrannical and destructive Covid-19 regime, the planets aligned on Friday and gave us the enormous, vicarious pleasure of watching one of libertarianism's most articulate voices repeatedly pummel one of the most visible villains of that dark era. 

In a debate hosted by Patrick Bet-David of PBD Podcast fame, "Part of the Problem" podcaster and comedian Dave Smith took on former CNN anchor and Covid regime propagandist Chris Cuomo. From lockdowns to masks, vaccines, Ivermectin and the vilification of resisters, the debate covered a lot of ground, with Smith dropping one laser-guided bomb after another on Cuomo.   

Let's dive right into the highlights...First, Smith opened the debate with a gentlemanly gesture, giving Cuomo a copy of the Tom Woods book, "Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During Covid Mania." Tongue in cheek, he said, "I know you like following the science, and there's a whole lot of science in that book." 

Before the next clip, recall that, in an infamous segment on CNN, Cuomo and Don Lemon smugly battered Joe Rogan and others who used Ivermectin to battle Covid. Despite the fact that Ivermectin has been used since 1975 with great success against a wide variety of human maladies, Cuomo and Lemon ran hard with the regime narrative that referred to the wonder drug solely as a veterinary de-wormer.  

Earlier this month, Cuomo revealed to Bet-David that he's now himself taking a "regular dose of Ivermectin" for purported long Covid. However, In this jaw-dropping sequence, Cuomo stunned anyone with a memory of his exchange with Lemon by saying, "I don't like what people did to Joe Rogan about Ivermectin." A stunned Smith replied, "YOU did it!" Cuomo denied it and challenged Smith to "find the clips." The PBD crew obliged, promptly rolling the damning video: 

Flashback bonus video: Here's the Rogan-Sanjay Gupta exchange Smith referred to: 

Smith condemned Cuomo for failing to do his job, which was to "be skeptical of power and to shine a light against the ate up every piece of propaganda, repeated all of it without any thought to whether it was true or not, and then smeared millions of Americans like myself who were opposed to this stuff." 

Cuomo said Smith was guilty of using "hyperbole" in referring to the Covid regime as "totalitarian." An unwavering Smith had a pointed and compelling response: 

Smith elaborated, explaining why "it was completely criminal for all of these governments to lock down"...

Asked whether lockdowns were a net benefit -- or instead erred on the side of catastrophe -- Cuomo drew audience laughter when he said, "The people I talked to -- who made these decisions -- stand by them." Smith quipped, "I'm sure Dick Cheney stands by the war in Iraq too!" 

Smith grew indignant when Cuomo suggested that Smith's focus was on drawing attention to himself -- to the detriment of society. Smith countered: "You're attacking my motives...meanwhile, when those CNN checks were coming in, you said nothing that would have put them in jeopardy, but now that you're here, you're starting to tell a little bit of the truth." 

The debate also covered the Russiagate hoax. Here, Smith rakes Cuomo over the coal for "repeating mindlessly every day that there was some giant conspiracy with Trump and Russia and leading the entire country to believe that our election had been stolen by a hostile foreign power." 

Finally, here's Smith giving the audience a big-picture view of a dumbed-down, late-empire America -- where the "decadence" of "two guy slapping their buttcheeks together" in a Pride parade is dressed up as "standing up for our rights," and where people in power pit Americans against each other, diverting their attention from universally-experienced woes like the Federal Reserve's destruction of the dollar:   

Alas, amid the joy of Smith's outstanding performance, there was a wistful element too, as many who'd hoped Smith would carry the flag of liberty as the 2024 Libertarian Party presidential candidate were reminded of what a remarkable champion he would have been -- in stark contrast to the leftist, open-borders, drag-queen-promoting, kid-transing doozie the party ended up with. 

That said, far be it from us to end a feel-good story on a down note. Our highlight reel just scratched the surface: If you're looking for weekend entertainment, here's the entire debate, which also covers much more Covid ground, Trump's trumped-up conviction and a lot more: