Watch: Joyless Leftists Kill Santa With COVID To Push Masks & Vaccines

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Dec 16, 2023 - 06:50 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via,

A morose leftist ‘activist’ group has produced a festive video in which Santa Claus catches COVID and dies on Christmas Eve.

Yes, really.

The piece, produced by The John Snow Project, which describes itself as “Reliable, honest information on COVID-19 from public health, clinical, and research experts,” is filmed in the form of a children’s book.

It reads “Twas the night before Christmas and Santa took a deep breath,” with the next page showing a large coffin surrounded by sad elves and distraught children.

The creepy voice over states “Twas the night before Christmas. Santa took a deep breath. If only he’d known it would lead to his death. Santa always listened when the famous doctors spoke. Too bad they didn’t mention that the virus spreads like smoke.”

The video then pushes pushing “respirators (masks), clean indoor air, the latest vaccines, and regular testing,” and instructs “Don’t let COVID ruin Christmas.”

Didn’t intend to, but you seem to be doing a fine fucking job of it.


Comments are turned off on the YouTube video, and on X comments are restricted only to accounts mentioned by the organisation. Wonder why that is?

This latest miserable modern trend seems to be usurpingattackingdestroying or even killing Christmas in this case.

They’ve ruined practically everything else, so why not go after what little joy is left in the world.

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