"This Is 1776 Part Two For The Whole World" - Vivek & Alex Jones Warn Of The Coming Globalist Technocracy

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 - 06:40 PM

In a deep dive with one of the most controversial figures of modern media, GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy speaks with Alex Jones on 'The TRUTH Podcast' revealing unsettling insights into modern censorship, geopolitics, and American exceptionalism.

Dubbed "The Most Censored Man In The World", Jones' revelations shed light on the startling decline of free speech and the challenges it presents to the core principles upon which the United States was founded.

"When they censor you and deplatform you they can then steal your identity and misrepresent what you've said."

Jones highlights this as a chilling indictment of the state of modern discourse where narratives can be manipulated by simply silencing dissenting voices, warning Vivek in his usual husky tones that:

"I'm not as big as Trump I'm probably like 5% of the power he's got and so I have been silenced."


"The idea you get to speak your mind as long as I get to in return, the idea that there's a republic where your voice counts."

Echoing Vivek's perspective on the state of the nation, Jones agrees "This is our 1776 moment..."

"...instead of the leftist mind of 'we're being attacked, we're being oppressed, let's give up'" Jones says "let's innovate, let's out-communicate, let's use this pressure like lifting weights or jogging or climbing a mountain to get stronger... That which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger."

"It's true and this is 1776 Part Two for the whole world and it's very exciting."

The challenges go beyond mere suppression of speech, as nations grapple with post-colonial identities and evolving geopolitical dynamics, the balance of power on the global stage plays a role:

"The current economic model, the globalists have to enslave us. We are going to resist them."

As Ramaswamy highlights:

"The Democrats aren't my enemy. It's the system, the shadowy figures that are pushing these agendas."

Reiterating concerns about the fragile state of national unity and identity, Jones warns:

"If we don't pledge allegiance to the American flag... we're going to pledge allegiance to a different flag."

The discussion is broad and deep as the two return time and again to the that the tentacles of corporate influence are omnipresent, intertwining with every controversial issue that shapes the global narrative. Additional topics covered vary from the contentious discourse surrounding climate change (with its fearmongering tactics and misleading statistics):

"The climate agenda itself is a hoax... climate change is a constant. I think any person who leads the United States going forward cannot be somebody who accepts the premises of the climate change agenda as a fixed principle." the intricate dance of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East with mentions of "crime families" and vested interests in military contracting.

"It's not about left or right. It's about the globalists versus the people," says Ramaswamy.

"...these other candidates they're puppets of a broken Super-PAC Puppet Master System and that's just the state of American politics today."

It's a stark reminder of the high stakes in today's information warfare, where the erasure of a voice can lead to the distortion of its message, and ultimately, to the rewriting of historical facts.

"Our country's going into a technocracy. That's why I'm fighting."

And no one knows better than Alex Jones, the deeply entrenched mechanisms that quash dissent and manipulate narratives in the digital realm.

"The United States of America were founded on free speech and open debate. It's in the First Amendment for a reason," he exclaims.

Watch the full discussion below on X:

00:00 Intro
1:55 Censored
3:15 “Don’t Talk to Him”
4:40 The most informed candidate
6:57 Globalist Puppets
8:27 Alex Jones background
13:12 Speaking/Finding Truth
19:00 Admitting Wrongs and Corrupt Trials
28:58 Digital Prison
30:05 Founded on Radical Ideas
32:30 Rules for thee not for me
35:50 Our 1776 Moment
38:30 A Time of Revival
41:58 The Failed Power Structure
45:27 Unapologetically American
48:00 Tyranny of the Minority and the Climate Cult
52:01 Question Everything
53:40 Sean Hannity Attacks and WW3
59:00 Outro