'2 Billion Could Die In Current War Cycle' - Charles Nenner Says Buy Gold & The Two-Year Treasury

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Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 - 08:35 PM

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Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning a once every 120-year war cycle is coming, and with hostilities in the Middle East, it is clearly here. 

This cycle is for big wars such as WWI and WWII.  These two wars were part of one big war cycle according to Nenner, and history is now repeating.  

Keep in mind, this war cycle comes with many countries in possession of nuclear arsenals.  Nenner explains,

“If you do cycles on war games and war cycles, you can calculate how many people are going to die in such a war.  We discussed this in the past, and it now looks ugly.  We are talking about a lot of people.  There are so many things bad going on in the world, so I would like to not to tell you the number.”

Nenner has said this war cycle will top all other war cycles in body counts.  Nenner predicts,

This war cycle is going to be worse than World War II.  So, the question is what do we do and where do we go?  A lot of my clients are not interested in ‘how do I make money,’ but where should we go.  So, I am studying where are the best places to go.  This is what I am trying to find out, and I have been very busy with this.”

Back to the death toll that Nenner knows is coming. 

So, I ask again, how many people will die in the current war cycle?  Nenner blurts out,

“It could be a quarter of the population of the world.” 

That’s roughly 2 billion people that could be killed in the current war cycle. 

Nenner goes on to say,

This may not be in the next war because this is going to continue for many years.  It could be in the war after this. 

What I see now is the Chinese going to the Middle East and the United States helping Israel because if they don’t do that, nobody would trust the United States anymore.  I guess the Chinese are going to watch how tough the United States is going to be because, otherwise, they take over Tiawan just like that.  They may still do it because everybody is busy with Ukraine and Israel...

The U.S. is going to have to prove themselves, otherwise, they will be laughed off the world.”

Nenner also sees a war cycle coming to America through the Southern U.S. border. 

America will be attacked like never before in this war cycle.  Nenner says,

“There will be terror attacks in the U.S. and maybe much more because I don’t know how many of them are in there already.  They are catching Iranians on a terror list.  How did Iranians get to Mexico?”

Nenner thinks the dollar is stable–for now.  Interest rates are going to continue to climb but will take a short downward path in the near term.  Inflation is going to be going back up soon.  Nenner is not a long-term buyer of stocks, and he still thinks the Dow’s downside is 5,000 and global war could take it there in a hurry.  The greatest depression in history is still a few years away, but Nenner is 100% sure it is coming.  Nenner’s cycles say it will most likely happen in the 2027-2028 time period.  Nenner does like gold and silver and thinks gold will be well over $2,500 per ounce within a year and a half.  Nenner’s best financial advice is “buy the 2-year Treasury,” and lock in a 5% return with zero risk.

There is much more in the 44-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner for 10.24.23.

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