Armstrong: Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 04, 2024 - 04:25 PM

Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Investors’ curiosity has peaked as central banks are increasing their gold purchases.

We are not going back to a Bretton Woods type situation and that is not the issue.

You must understand that gold is neutral. Central banks are buying gold because the Neocons have weaponized the dollar.

Russia was removed from the SWIFT system, and private citizens’ assets were confiscated.

When Russian assets were removed from SWIFT, a threat to the world was issued to say, “Hey, if you don’t do what we tell you to do, we will take you out of SWIFT.”

This is not the end of the dollar.

Money continues to pour into US equities, particularly the Dow. Why? When the drum of war is beating, major institutions rush to move their money into a safe haven, which happens to be the US at this point in time.

The big money is not purchasing start-up equities on the Nasdaq, for example, as they will not take that risk. Our computer model indicates the Dow will continue rising into 2032 as it remains one of the last safe havens.

The West has become extremely aggressive in its geopolitics. You simply do not buy the debt of your enemy. Central banks are buying gold because the USD is political.

There is a stark difference between short-term and long-term bonds.

The central banks have zero control over the short-term and that is how this whole QE fiasco began as central banks began purchasing long-term debt in an attempt to reduce long-term interest. Why would you buy long-term when war, the primary driver of inflation, is looming?

This is a serious situation that the neocons who have weaponized the dollar simply do not understand.