Davos Rattled Over Trump; Zelensky Warns Europe Will 'Lose Ukraine'

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 17, 2024 - 07:00 PM

As the World Economic Forum (WEF) kicks off in Davos, Switzerland, two people are the talk of the town - Donald Trump and Volodymyr Zelensky - the former of whom just cemented his position as the leader of the Republican party going into the 2024 US election, and Zelensky, who was freaking about about it.

According to the NY Times, "Zelensky used an expletive to describe a Trump claim about containing Vladimir Putin," (without revealing said expletive), and suggested that if the US withdraws support, Europe will 'lose Ukraine.'

At a Q. and A. with journalists that Andrew moderated, Zelensky dismissed the idea that Trump could stop the Russian president from going after other parts of Europe. Putin, he added, “will not stop — but the question is what will the U.S. and Trump do after this point, because in this case it will mean that Europe lost the most useful and most strong army in Europe because we lost Ukraine.”

He also demanded EU troops for Ukraine.

Following his decisive victory in this week's Iowa Caucus, Trump pledged that if he wins the election, he'll solve the war in Ukraine "very quickly" because he knows Russian President Vladimir Putin and Zelensky "very well."

According to the Times, Zelensky initially downplayed worries about Trump, and whether the former US president's re-election would lead to a drop in support for Ukraine. "One man cannot change the whole nation," he said during the Q&A.

Zelensky later acknowledged that a win for Trump could affect his country's military campaign or settlement talks, claiming that "radical voices from the Republican Party" have caused tension and pain for Ukrainians.

More via DealBook:

Zelensky isn’t the only leader at Davos worried about Trump. Multiple attendees have told DealBook that the outcome of the election is a potential risk for business, particularly after the former president thumped his Republican rivals in the Iowa caucuses.

The Ukrainian leader has sought to shore up global business support. He spoke at a private gathering of executives organized by JPMorgan Chase, which is advising Ukraine on its reconstruction efforts.

In the audience at the Congress Center for the talk were Steve Schwarzman of Blackstone, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, David Rubenstein of Carlyle and Michael Dell of Dell, DealBook hears.

Zelensky also said that US-China tensions are affecting Ukraine, and that bringing Beijing in for postwar reconstruction is important.

He also called on anyone of 'mobilization age' in Ukraine to fight, and for punishing Putin's children and grandchildren.

Well then.