Dutch Queen Promotes Global Digital ID At Davos

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 23, 2024 - 07:00 AM

Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands took to the Davos stage to declare that digital IDs are necessary for nearly every aspect of social engagement.

The Dutch queen told the World Economic Forum (WEF) that they can no longer trust the people, and digital IDs will provide governments with a clear way to track our behavior.

Vaccine passports are necessary to tell “who actually got a vaccination or not,” highlighting how those at the top do not trust the public.

They want complete unilateral control.

In fact, she believes that children should not be allowed to enroll in school unless they have a digital ID that includes their vaccination passport.

“It [digital ID] is also good for school enrollment; it is also good for health – who actually got a vaccination or not; it’s very good actually to get your subsidies from the government,” she said to a room of nodding heads.

Want to open a bank account? You must present a digital ID.

Now the Netherlands implemented a COVID certificate that was required for travel throughout the EU.

Citizens were provided yellow vaccination booklets that they were required to carry throughout the pandemic.

Mass protests erupted, but the government did not drop restrictions until 72% of the population was already injected.

Over 40% of restaurants said they would not ask patrons to show proof of vaccination to enter.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte immediately fired Deputy Economic Affairs Minister Mona Keijzer for questioning the vaccine passport.

“If we end up in a society where we have to be afraid of each other unless we can show proof, then you really have to scratch your head and ask yourself: Is this the direction we want to go?”

Dissent is no longer tolerated.

The power they tasted during the lockdowns opened Pandora’s Box.

The Dutch government must realize they will be met with resistance as the Dutch people will not allow the government to control them without a fight.