Everything You Need To Know About EMPs From A NASA Expert

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 25, 2024 - 02:50 AM

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulse) are a trope that is often used in prepper fiction.

We often think of an EMP attack as the worst-case, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it scenario that is just around the corner.

There’s little doubt that it would change everything, but what’s the truth?

Here’s what an expert has to say about EMPs

Nobody knows this better than Dr. Arthur T. Bradley. Dr Bradley is a NASA engineer and the leading expert on EMPs in the preparedness community. He’s the author of Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness and the must-have Disaster Preparedness for EMPs and Solar Storms. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with him before myself, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer, more down-to-earth person. He really knows what he’s talking about and he shares information without hyperbole. He is the person I trust the most for information in this genre.

In this compelling interview, Brian Duff interviews Dr. Bradley to get the real answers. If you want to separate fact from fiction, watch this video.