"No Tesla Is Safe": Eco-Terrorists Attack German Power Grid, Causing Outage At Gigafactory

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024 - 06:45 PM

A far-left militant/environmental group, known as "Vulkangruppe" (Volcano Group), has claimed responsibility for an attack on Germany's electricity infrastructure on Tuesday, paralyzing vehicle production at Tesla's European Gigafactory near Berlin. 

Police in the state of Brandenburg said someone set fire to a nearby high-voltage tower, causing a blaze that cut off electricity to the Gigafactory and more than 60,000 people in the surrounding area. 

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that the attack on the grid caused a power outage at the factory, resulting in a production halt. The spokesperson added that the site was evacuated. 

"We sabotaged Tesla today. Because Tesla in Grünau eats up earth, resources, people, labor and spits out 6,000 SUVs, killing machines and monster trucks per week. Our gift for March 8th is to shut down Tesla. Because the complete destruction of the Gigafactory and with it the sawing off of "technofascists" like Elend Musk are a step on the path to liberation from patriarchy," the eco-terrorist wrote in a 2,500-word attack on Tesla. 

On X, CEO Elon Musk responded to the incident by saying: 

"These are either the dumbest eco-terrorists on Earth or they’re puppets of those who don’t have good environmental goals. Stopping production of electric vehicles, rather than fossil fuel vehicles, ist extrem dumm."

Tesla shares in New York were down about 2.5% in the early morning cash session. 

Meanwhile, there are environmental protesters near the Gigafactory... 

Vulkangruppe also warned: "No Tesla is safe." 

There have been a series of Tesla fires at charging stations in Europe. 

Why are eco-terrorists attacking Tesla when it's claimed by these groups that electric vehicles will save the planet from imminent climate doom? Or is it this eco-terrorist group is being weaponized by dark money to go after Musk for his 'free-speech' platform X that goes against the censorship-industrial complex in the West?