Footage Shows Hezbollah Drone Slam Into Northern Israel Community Center, 18 Wounded

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024 - 07:00 PM

Israeli emergency authorities are reporting that casualties from a suicide drone attack on a northern Israeli village have risen to at least 18 people wounded.

Hezbollah took responsibility for launching the suicide drone which ultimately scored a direct hit on a community center, with Israeli media noting that air warning sirens failed to sound during the attack. However, Hezbollah claimed it was targeting a building used by the Israeli military.

According to Times of Israel, "The victims were taken to Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya. which said that one victim was listed in critical condition and two others were seriously wounded."

"Another four people were listed in moderate condition, while the remaining victims were lightly hurt, the hospital added," the report indicates. Public broadcaster Kan published dramatic footage showing the small drone slam into a building, erupting into a large fireball...

The IDF says it is investigating why the crucial air raid warning systems failed during the attack, only apparently turning on in the aftermath of the strike.

Israel's military further said it immediately retaliated by striking Hezbollah launch positions in southern Israel, as has been typical in what's become a daily tit-for-tat and intensifying cross-border fire.

Also on Wednesday, the IDF conducted strikes on the southern Lebanese town of Aita al-Shaabb, as well as aerial attacks on Yarin and Naquora.

Footage from another angle captures a clearer picture of the suicide drone sent by Hezbollah...

Hezbollah earlier in the week 'congratulated' Iran following the Saturday overnight massive missile and drone attack on Israel, saying in a statement: "Hezbollah extends its blessings and congratulations to the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its people for the effective and unprecedented attack targeting the unjust aggressor … [We praise] the brave and wise decision to respond firmly to the Zionist aggression against the Iranian consulate in Damascus."

At this moment some 80,000 residents of northern Israel still remain unable to access and live in their homes, given that six months ago northern Israeli communities close to the border were ordered evacuated due to the daily threat of rocket and drone attack from Hezbollah.


It's widely believed that Hezbollah sources their more sophisticated drones from Iran, which has long supplied the bulk of the Shia paramilitary group's missile arsenal as well. Iran has also supplied the Houthis in Yemen, which have effectively closed the Red Sea to commercial shipping through constant attacks.